Why choose laser hair removal with the new Candela Gentle Lase Pro-U

The Candela Gentle Lase Pro-U is the latest laser equipment of this leading American Company and is here in our spa to offer you the most effective and painless epilation!

Advantages of the Candela Gentle Lase Pro-U

  • Secure Procedure: The device is suitable for all skin types and for all areas of the body for men and women. It provides the safest treatments thanks to Candela’s patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) technology which protects the upper layers of your skin with a cooling burst of cryogen.

  • Efficiency: The energy available from the machine’s features, the absolute control over the time it delivers and the advanced DCD cooling system, always allow us to work in an absolutely efficient and secure manner.

  • Painless Procedure: The extremely short time of each laser pulse (up to 3 ms *) makes the treatments painless, as the local nerve stimulation lasts so little and prevents the sensation of pain from being felt. Of course, DCD cooling is also crucial in this area. (* ms: Millisecond – 1 ms is 1 millisecond)

  • Speed: With Candela Gentle Lase Pro-U, a pair of full feet is completed in 30 minutes while other smaller areas are completed within a few minutes. The machine’s speed can reach up to 2 Hz (2 shots per second), another feature that makes it unique in its kind!

Being equipped with this type of intelligent technologies provides a definitive end to razors, depilatory creams and other related methods that not only cause irritation, infections and bursitis but also require repetition in terms of life. Candela Gentle Lase Pro-U, certified by the FDA, emits a focused, monochromatic light (laser beam) at 755nm, which is the appropriate wavelength for epilation based on international standards and guidelines.

For any further information or questions, our beauticians are at your disposal to help you at (+357) 70009121 or at info@mygenmedispa.com